A funeral at Oak Ridge is worship of the living God and witness to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The funeral is God’s way of bringing comfort to the hearts of those who mourn as Scripture is read and preached, prayer is offered, praises are sung, grief is expressed, remembrance is cherished, and faith affirmed. The presence of family and friends around at this time supports and strengthens those who grieve. The funeral gives thanks for the life of the one who has passed away and thanks to the God who holds our beloved in God’s everlasting arms.

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Oak Ridge Presbyterian completed and dedicated the Columbarium and Prayer Garden in 2014 in order to provide a tranquil space for prayer, meditation, remembrance, and spending time with God. The person’s name and year of birth and death can be engraved on the plaque on the niche and a small service can be conducted at the time of inurnment, either in conjunction with a memorial service or at a time more convenient for family and friends.


By inurning ashes of loved ones in the Columbarium, family are provided a space that is both naturally beautiful and appropriately suited for remembering deceased loved ones.